Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's Not that I only Study!

But I've surely forgotten the rules for title capitalization :((
It's true that I don't have time for blogging.
And unfortunately, I have no time for baking either.
Or maybe I should reverse the order of those sentences because I definitely put baking before blogging. But yeah, whatever. Too lazy for that. 'll rather write some silly sentences about it than delete or change it. Haha, that's who I am.

I am actually sad that I've never gotten to write here about my perfect roommate. I am sad that I didn't share with you my post and during-exam feelings. That I didn't share with you all the numerous joyful things I've experienced this year.

And last year too.

Just no time for putting it here, online. Yup, I can't seem to find time for that.
Or let's say: Ain't nobody got time for that :-D (And my roommate would start singing the song).

But even though I have less and less time for my activities, I do find time for connecting with people and getting into new relationships. And that's what I care about. And like it.

I really love my school.

This is my pheasant that I've been feeding. He lives in between the blocks of dormitory flats.
I call him Henry III., Goshawk 
He earned the title Goshawk for his skills - when I whistle, he comes to be fed.

The snow is now, of course, gone. And so is my pheasant. I see him only occasionally. 
Guess he's out lookin' for some chick. 

And I'll end this post with a picture of my gold fish Aquarion Paracelsus. You cannot see him but he's there. I do have an air pump in case you are worried about his oxygen intake. :)

Have a lovely day!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Love Spring and Can't Think of a Title

Just wanted to say hi :)

And write my second post this year. 
In which I'm going to show you that my hair's gotten even longer. 

And that'll be pretty much it because I'm going back to studying latin. 

Take good care of yourself :) !

Haha, a really valuable post, indeed.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello everyone,

Happy Valentine's Day :-) !

Today I came home from my dorms and because I spent the last 11 weeks studying and taking my finals, I decided to finally relax and bake. The picture up is a cupcake for Peter :-) 

I was supposed to take my last (6th) exam tomorrow but they offered another exam date in March so I've signed for it and decided to relax. I am spending the whole weekend at work, on Monday getting up before 5 to go to Hradec Kralove where my school is located and I'm sitting yet another exam (not final one) from English. If I was to take the exam tomorrow, I'd sure be exhausted and I would have no time for studying English and writing an essay. Moreover, so far I managed to get all As as I was studying really hard. So I started playing with the thought there might be a possibility of getting a scholarship. Another more reason for taking it in March, right. Just to raise my chances ;))

I am going to bed now, I just wanted to drop you hi and tell you that I'm still alive and ready to eat more -cup-cakes.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Long Time No See

My lovely readers, if there are still any, long time no see!

How are you doing? What's new in your life? I can't remember the last time I posted, nor do I remember the last time I baked. That's sad, my dear deer. I was even thinking about quitting blogging as I won't have much time to post but Peter told me not to do it. And you have to obey your fiancĂ©, right... Oh, yes, I will tell you more :-)

I spent my summer vacation working, I've just counted that I spent 520 hours at work so far. That's a lot of time. Besides being at work, I spent time with Peter, reconnected with some friends from past, went out several times etc.

We, Peter and I, managed to find some time just for ourselves and we spent the loveliest vacation together in Valtice, a town on the Austrian border with the Czech Republic. The first day of our vacation we spent in Valtice, visiting the castle, eating out, visiting the garden surrounding the castle at night. On the second day, we headed to Vienna, one of the prettiest places I ever visited. We simply LOVED the city. And the last day we spent in Lednice, another Czech town, and we visited the splendid castle of the same name. I'll make sure to show you lots of pictures!

Here's a preview of Lednice Castle:

And what's going on in my life nowadays? I am finally attending the uni. I spent there 7 days so far :D But I've already had all the subjects (10). I am lucky enough to have the best schedule out of the whole uni, I guess. I have no classes on Fridays! And the same applies to every second Thursday. I couldn't be luckier. ((Ok, 12 hours of classes in a row isn't the best, but still. I can go back to Prague early in the week))

I sat a test from physics. At the first class of the semester. But I passed it!! :D I was so happy :))

And now I am hungry. I'm going to eat my breakfast :-)
So my dear readers, have a lovely day and I'll try to talk to you soon ;-) ! 

Here you have Peter having breakfast in the garden of our vacation apartment. 
I so want to go back there :-)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Forgotten Anniversary

My blog is more than one year old! And I totally forgot about it. 
I've just remembered so I'll just type a few words and let you wait yet another days for the so-promised  new posts. 

So happy belated birthday, my blog.
Long time no see, my dear readers. 
I am quite good and I hope you are too. 

If you'd like to look forward to something, we, me and Peter, had a really amazing picture taken this week. Unfortunately, I cannot show it to you yet. I have to wait some more time but then I'll make sure to write a post and include the picture there. :-)) 

So. Goodbye for today :-)
Just to share my happiness. 
Next week I'm going on vacation. I can't wait!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

So Many New Things

Hello my dear readers, how are you doing? :-) 

I've been quite busy lately. With my job where I also work night shifts and also with working at home. We've been doing lots of cleaning lately because of a reconstruction of our bathroom. The last weeks were awful. I really hated being woken up by terrible noise of a drill coming right from the room next to mine. And don't get me started about not being able to use the bathroom for the whole three weeks. 
Haha :-)
But the bathroom's done and here you can see an instagram picture of a small part of it :)

I got some money that I earned in June but I spent it all on the enrollment day at the university. I went to Hradec Kralove, the city where I'm going to study pharmacy starting October, and I bought some books and ran several errands. But I already have my transportation matters somehow solved, I have a student card issued, a dormitory application sent etc. I managed to do everything that could be done at the moment so I am glad. :-)

Since the last time I posted I bought/got many lovely things that I'll be using for baking :-) And I'd like to share my happiness with you. 

Look! I finally have the so desired food dyes from Wilton, only 3 little bottles but one costs more than I earn per hour, so... Violet, Pink and Kelly Green they are :-)
A new decorating tip that I'll hopefully be using soon. A pack of almonds that I'll use for baking macarons, the ones that are on the lovely pink notebook ;-) And a piece of marzipan

Then some cute cupcake paper cups and a bottle of little gold and white balls.  

500 g of strawberry shavings that Peter got for me.  Soooo delicious!!!
I can't wait to use it soon on my cupcakes :-)

Meringue Powder :-) 
I am going to make some marshmallow fluff for Peter and with using meringue powder he'll be able to store it for long time. 

A cake cooling tray

And the last thing is like the most amazing thing ever. :-D A cupcake tin and storer! I needed this in my life because I'd always had troubles storing my cupcakes.  Peter, thank you <3 ! I can even put some heavy frosted cupcakes there. It has much space :-) 

 And the last pictures are a short preview of a soon-to-be-posted recipe for lavender cupcakes.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day :-)